California Restaurant & Bar Insurance: Liquor Liability & Assault and Battery

Part of the appeal of a California restaurant or bar is the lively and social atmosphere but that can also bring on high and unique risks to the business owner. Serving the general public food and alcohol can result in costly lawsuits if a claim should arise however, with the right coverage that pertains to the needs of your industry and business; these risks won’t be as threatening!

Insurance Every Small Business Needs

When it comes to your California Restaurant or bar, the following policies/quotes are necessary to establishing basic, essential coverage:

  • Property: This will cover any damages to your building and equipment
  • Crime Coverage: ensures coverage in the event of a break-in to your business for employee theft
  • Workers Compensation: this coverage is required by California law and covers your business if your employee gets hurt at work or while performing a work-related task
  • Spoilage: covers in the event of losses due to food and inventory that has spoiled because of malfunctioning equipment
  • Business Income Coverage: compensates business owners for any losses of income due to interruptions or close-downs
  • Commercial Auto: insures vehicles used to deliver or transport food for your business
  • General Liability: Protects against lawsuits that may arise from food illnesses, slip & fall, and many other liabilities that may occur at your business.

Other Important California Restaurant and Bar Insurance Policies every business needs

Most claims arising in the restaurant and bar industry stem from assault & battery or alcohol. These claims can result in thousands of dollars in cost that can severely hurt your business. That’s why it is imperative to obtain quotes for both California liquor liability and California assault & battery coverage which can potentially save your business from a hefty lawsuit.

  • California Liquor Liability: covers you against lawsuits claiming your business overserved, served underage customers, and/or served alcohol to someone who later harmed another person; even if the harm was done off the premise of your business
  • California Assault & battery coverage: Can be included in your general liability or liquor liability policy, this coverage protects you against claims involving physical and/or verbal altercations deemed threating or harmful  when in your business. This includes fights, stabbings, shooting, attempted robberies, and hit-and-runs between customers and/or employees (coverage depends on specific exclusions that may be listed on your policy).

Such coverage is vital and very unique to the industry that you are in. These types of California insurance quotes, along with your general business insurance policies/quotes, will ensure that you are covered completely

As an establishment that is open to the public, serving them food and alcohol brings many more risks to consider and thus more to protect yourself against. JVRC Insurance can provide fully comprehensive California Restaurant and Bar insurance coverage to your business that protects you against common industry risks as well as is customized to meet your specific business’s insurance needs. Call to consult with our qualified insurance agents to talk about the best coverage plan and provide a quote for your business and rest assure that you are fully protected!