California Business Insurance for Arborists and Tree Trimmers

Tree trimming is a valuable industry that takes care of the community while dealing with risky working environments. California tree trimmers’ and arborists’ hard work and dedication should be matched with their business insurance quote to ensure full protection from the risks they face. It is because of these risks that they can experience trouble finding coverage at all, let alone competitive rates, particularly for workers compensation coverage. By understanding what you need will help you know what business insurance quotes to invest in to obtain what your business truly needs. Let’s take a look at these coverages for your California tree trimming business.


Insurance California Arborists and Tree Trimmers Need

Given your industry’s high-risk exposure for accidents, there are certain coverages that you need regardless of how big your company is or how specialized your services are. These coverages include:

  • General Liability- this will cover you for accidents that result in third party injury or property damage while on the job or after a job, such as if someone tripped over a branch from a tree you trimmed on the sidewalk.
  • Professional Liability- coverage for any mistakes or errors you or your employees make with regard to your industry knowledge, such as cutting down the wrong tree or accidently killing a tree. 
  • Workers Comp- if you have employees, this coverage is mandatory in the state of California to carry and will cover any employee injuries as well as lawsuits regarding employee injuries. Due to the potential for danger that your employees may face by climbing trees and using power tools, workers comp is extremely important. It is also a little more difficult for you to find so talking to an agency like JVRC Insurance who specializes in arborist’s and tree-trimming workers compensation will help you find this necessary coverage. 


Additional Insurance Quotes to Consider

Depending on how your business operates, you may also consider the following additional coverages:

  • Commercial auto- to cover your work trucks and other work-related vehicles
  • Property- to cover your building and personal property
  • Inland Marine- for your equipment that gets transported from place to place
  • Pollution (with pesticide/herbicide endorsements) or Product Liability- to cover claims related to the pesticides you use and/or sell. 
  • Contractor’s equipment- to cover big equipment such as boom lifts, long-reach pruners, hydraulic saws, etc.


How to Get Started

Whether you are a California tree trimming business with a fleet of employees looking for workers comp or a one-man arborist, we can provide you customize and complete insurance quotes for your business. With our extensive access to multiple markets, we can offer you competitive rates for your high risk business so that you may focus on and invest more in your company. Call us here at JVRC Insurance Services today to discuss your business’ coverage needs and to receive a quote! You should be taken care of the way you take care of your clients and community.