Security Guard Insurance

A vital part of any community is safety and protection, making security guards and security services extremely important. As a security guard, your job is not only valuable but also inherently dangerous. With the many risks you take for your clients, you deserve the most thorough and complete protection when it comes to business insurance. Let‘s take a look at what California business insurance coverages you need and what coverages you should consider for your security guard insurance quote!

Basic Security Company Insurance

Like any California business, security companies and freelance security guards should all be secured with basic coverages to ensure complete insurance protection. These coverages include:
  • Workers Comp- For those who have a security company with employees, workers comp coverage is not only important; it is legally required in the state of California. This will cover medical expenses and legal costs if one of your employees gets hurt while on the job. Given that part of their job is to potentially get in harm’s way, this is a must to protect your security guards.
  • General Liability- This will protect you if you or your employee causes harm to someone else or damage to other’s property. 
  • Professional Liability- Also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O), this provides coverage against any mistakes made while on the job, such as providing inaccurate advice or misrepresenting a situation
  • Commercial Auto- This will cover any vehicles that you or your employees drive while working, such as a patrol car or golf cart. 
  • Commercial Property- This covers damage to a property that you were hired to guard but could not secure the area or prevent the damage from occurring
  • Inland Marine- Provides coverage to any equipment that you are transporting between sites

The Security Industry Insurance Specifics

The security industry comes with its own set of risks that must be insured properly with specific California insurance coverages. These should be considered depending on the type of business you have and the type of security services you provide. Such coverages include:
  • Assault & Battery- Security guards are expected to protect against violent acts and this coverage would protect your business should they be found negligent for such acts. This can be added onto your general or professional liability quote.
  • Lost Key Coverage-Since many guards are in charge of locking up a building or site, this covers in the event that they lose the client’s locks and/or keys. This can also be added to your liability policy.
  • False Arrest- If you or your employees detain the wrong person, false arrest coverage can provide protection against this and can be added to a professional liability quote as well.
Whether you own a security company or are a freelance security guard, your California business insurance quote should provide the protection you need so that you can protect others. Talk to a knowledgeable commercial insurance broker who can create tailored insurance quotes to fit your business’s specific needs at competitive rates.  You and your business deserve the best insurance coverage for the great risk you take on every day for your community!