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California General Liability Coverage and why You Need it!

When you start a new business for the first time, the process and requirements you must abide by can be overwhelming. Permits, licenses, and leases are just some of things you must be responsible for as a business owner. One of the most important aspects of starting a company is obtaining California business general liability insurance quotes. Not only must businesses’ with employees have workers comp insurance as required by California state law, but you must also go beyond those requirements to fully insure your company; and every business has different insurance needs.

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Are California Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance and California Professional Liability one in the same and does my business need it?

Being a California business owner and industry professional usually requires expert knowledge and credentials that allow much more advantages for your business, such as charging a higher rate and more validation for your clients that you fully understand the work you provide. However, those credentials and expertise can also mean more risk. Since clients expect an expert, many may be less forgiving of a mistake which can, thus, lead to a lawsuit.

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California Restaurant & Bar Insurance: Liquor Liability & Assault and Battery

Part of the appeal of a California restaurant or bar is the lively and social atmosphere but that can also bring on high and unique risks to the business owner. Serving the general public food and alcohol can result in costly lawsuits if a claim should arise however, with the right coverage that pertains to the needs of your industry and business; these risks won’t be as threatening!

Insurance Every Small Business Needs

When it comes to your California Restaurant or bar, the following policies/quotes are necessary to establishing basic, essential coverage:

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How does a California Commercial Business Umbrella Policy protect my business!?

Let’s face it, at some point; we all need back up. Extra help and support can make all the difference when dealing with a challenge. The same is true when it comes to your commercial insurance policies. During the messiest of times, when your standard policies have done all they could, a quote commercial umbrella insurance policy can provide that additional coverage you need. This type of policy acts as back up coverage to assist your other policies. Let’s discuss how a commercial umbrella policy works and how it can help your business!

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The Future for California Workers Compensation Insurance in 2017

As the confetti settles on our New Year’s celebration and the holidays come to an end, we are all finally easing into 2017. But what will this year bring to your business and how will this year affect the cost of your California workers comp insurance policy or future quotes? What kind of changes should be made to ensure everyone in your business is starting off this year on the right foot? With a new year ahead of us, there is no doubt that you have questions and concerns about your business and employees for the unforeseeable future.

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New Year’s Commercial Insurance Goals for your California Business

The New Year is almost here and gives us all the amazing opportunity for fresh start. We get to put the setbacks of this year behind us and better prepare for the coming year.  This allows us to reevaluate and reorganize to make 2017 better and more successful.  As a California business owner, a great place to start is with your commercial insurance policies. The following guidelines will help ensure you have everything your company may need for your California business insurance policies to start the New Year.

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What is a Waiver of Subrogation?

What is a Waiver of Subrogation and how does it affect my insurance policy?

California small business owners have most likely run over the term waiver of subrogation while reviewing insurance requirements from clients. Since it is commonly requested by clients for many jobs and projects, this endorsement is something every California business owner should be aware of and even possibly add to their own commercial insurance quote(s) or policy(s). Let’s discuss what this endorsement means and why you may need it.

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Insurance for California New Startup Businesses

Your dreams are finally happening; you are about to become your own boss as you begin the process of opening the doors to your own company and build a business in an industry that you know and have a passion for. As you start setting up your business, one key step must be taken as a new business owner and that is getting a quality business insurance quote. Since insurance companies ask for things that startup business cannot provide, such as past revenue and previous insurance losses, it may feel discouraging.

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California Restaurants and the Business Insurance Policies that Protect Them within the Food Services Industry

For customers, dining at a restaurant is a time to relax, unwind, and treat themselves. This experience is created by the restaurant owners who ensure this with every choice they make, from the menu to the theme and ambience of the building itself. Restaurant owners understand the amount of effort and dedication it takes to manage a successful establishment that also serves as a place of enjoyment for their customers.

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Insurance Coverage 101 for At-Home Businesses

As we live in a day-to-day world dominated by technology companies such as Apple, Inc., it may surprise some to know that this multi-billion dollar corporation was created out of cofounder, Steve Jobs’ very own garage.

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How California EPLI Insurance Helps Protect Your Business from New Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Prevention Exposures

If you don’t know, now you know, as of April 1st 2016, California has introduced a new policy with new regulations aiming to “create a workplace environment that is free from employment practices prohibited by the act” (Section 11023B). In simpler terms, this policy wants to make sure everyone is treated fairly at their workplace, void of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

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5 things to know when purchasing a Commercial Auto Insurance Quote for your business

Whether you have just started that company you always you dreamed of having or are ahead of the game and already have a business, insurance is always a necessity and a topic of discussion. You have your General Liability to protect your business, your workers compensation insurance to protect your hardworking employees, your property coverage to protect any properties or personal property you own, and then you have company owned vehicles that must be covered. But, you don’t know where to start and you don’t know how much it will cost you.

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Misclassification of Workers Comp Class Codes and Payroll Codes

One of the major problems facing Workers’ comp is misclassification of workers compensation class codes and payroll codes. It is estimated that almost “$22 billion of payroll is misclassified” every year. This hurdle is especially significant for those with businesses in California, where the misclassified payroll accounts for “one-third of the nationwide total”. This obviously has a huge impact on California businesses and influences how one might choose their insurance services provider. Therefore, if you are an employer, here are some things you should know:

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California Workers Compensation Quotes

So, you are looking to obtain a California Workers Compensation Insurance Quote? Let me walk you through some of the process as well as give you some pointers to help make your experience go as smoothly as possible. The first thing to know is that when communicating with your broker you will be providing information about your business to them. It is very important to remember that the info you provide will depict the premium amount that your future carriers will propose. That means that you should be specific and consistent when requesting quotes for various agencies.

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Workers Compensation Providers & Home Health Care Businesses

   So, you have just successfully opened your home health care business, congratulations! Up until this point you have put tons of energy and effort into tasks like finding a location, acquiring City and State licenses, purchasing equipment and last but definitely not least, and hiring employees. Your employees are the bread and butter of your particular business they should be protected and treated accordingly. In the rest of this blog I will be helping to give you some insight into Workers Compensation industry providers and some tips and tricks to help you find the right fit for you.

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10 Highlights of 2014 in the Workers Compensation Insurance Industry

1.    California’s Workers Compensation System is 100!

In 1914 Boynton Act went into effect, also known as the Workers Compensation System.  The system is always changing and being reformed but it consistently provides crucial benefit to workers and the industries stakeholders.

2.    Number of Physician Payments Significantly Dropped

The WCIRB had predicted that the payments made to physicians would be increasing by 2.4% in 2014 when in fact they significantly dropped by 3.9%. This is a major drop for one of the largest stakeholders in the industry.

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JVRC Insurance Services is Now on Social Media!

JVRC Insurance Services is now on Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, and Facebook. Connect with us on these sites to keep up with our latest blogs, industry news articles, changing laws, new programs we offer and much more! We pride ourselves here at JVRC Insurance in our attention to keeping up with the latest trends in the industry to better serve you, our clients.

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The Benefits of California General Liability Insurance

If you plan on starting or have started a business, you will absolutely need California general liability insurance. What does this mean? What coverage will this give me? How do you know what coverage you will need? How exactly does all of it work you ask? Please see below as I will outline it to help you gain a better understanding. For more information on California General Liability Insurance click here.

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California Commercial Auto Coverage Symbols

As with any insurance policy it is extremely important to take a look at the fine print so you know exactly what kind of coverage you have. This is especially true when shopping for a California commercial automobile policy. Unlike a personal auto policy these can be significantly harder to understand as they are rated using specific numbers called “symbols”. Click here for more information on commercial auto insurance.

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How to Avoid California Workers Comp Audit Surprises

When it comes to California Workers Comp Audits there is nothing more frustrating than when easily avoidable mistakes are made. This in turn causes the insured to have to pay costly premiums even after their policy period has expired.

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Safety Tips for Work

Every industry is different and safety tips for work environments will vary according to the type of work and potential work-place injuries. As an example, if you do administrative and clerical work, then potential claims will be for ergonomic, back, and other office related accidents. But the farming and contrustion industries have very complex and dangerous work environments so these safety tips can really help. Incidents like falling from scaffolding or machinery injuries are very common.

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