Workers' Compensation
Insurance California

JVRC Insurance has been providing California
workers’ compensation insurance for all types of
California businesses for over a decade ensuring
the safety and security of their employees along with
providing the most cost effective workers’ compensation
options available.

Farm Labor Contractors' Workers' Compensation Insurance California

JVRC Insurance Services is a California
Commercial Insurance Agency who specializes
in representing Farm Labor Contractors (FLC) and
understands the licensing challenges and the
regulatory complexities imposed by the California
Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE).

Insurance California

Contractors deal with much adversity and
tremendous hardships in order to succeed
and protect themselves in this difficult state of
California. As we all know, the lower your overhead
costs are, the more competitive and profitable your business is.

Temp Staffing
Insurance California

Insuring Temporary Staffing Agencies in California
are a tough risk for any and all Workers’ Compensation
carriers. Carriers have difficulty underwriting Temp
Staffing Agencies due to the number of class codes
endorsed on the policy and the incomprehensible risk
when a staffing agency adds a new client.

General Liability
Insurance California

General liability insurance in California is probably the most
dynamic insurance policy you can purchase to protect your
business. Almost all of the businesses and clients you work
with will require you to carry General Liability in California
and will also ask you for a certificate of insurance to provide proof.

Commercial Auto
Insurance California

As we all know, the California law states
that any vehicle registered in the state of California
must be insured by an auto policy. You can accomplish
this by either acquiring a personal or commercial
auto insurance policy in California.

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